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Membership Meeting


On February 24, 2014, the Friends of the Sauk River held a membership meeting in Melrose. Nearly 30 people attended. Members were surveyed on which activities they would most like to see this year. Members' ranking of activities from most important to least important are:


River clean-ups

Water festivals for children

Canoe and kayaking events

Promoting the river

Canoe library

Water quality monitoring

Create a “geo-trashing” program

Social gatherings

Canoe and kayak instruction


Lobbying for more protection

Water safety education

Shoreland workshops

Promote Saukie, the Sauk Ness Monster

Septic system surveys

Giving scholarships


Other activities suggested by members included: getting more people involved and have active participants, make meeting/website more acceptable, more social media outreach, and sweatshirts.



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