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News from 2004

Organization of a New River Group

In January 2004, with guidance from the Rivers Council of Minnesota, a steering committee began to actively plan the organization of a new river group, the Friends of the Sauk. A small but strong core of individuals worked together to lay the groundwork for the group.

In March 2004, after several planning meetings, the Friends of the Sauk River adopt a Mission Statement - "We are a citizen voice for the Sauk River. Our mission is to improve, protect and enjoy the natural resources of the Sauk River Watershed.

The hard work of the group paid early dividends. In August 2004, the Friends of the Sauk River were awarded the Wenck River Friendly Community Award by Wenck Associates, Inc. and the Rivers Council of Minnesota. Mitch Bender and Kurt Franke represented the group at the ceremony and accepted the award from Senator Norm Coleman. The award also included $1000, which was a much needed fiscal boost for the group.

By November 2004, the Friends of the Sauk River were selected to participate in the 2005 Healthy Lakes and Rivers Program sponsored by the Initiative Foundation. The group was among one of the very few river groups ever to participate in the program. Participation in the program also allowed the group to access up to $7,400 in grants through the Initiative Foundation.